Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Dust Clears

Welcome, reader types.    This is my attempt at doing some regular blogging on this old-fashioned blogging machine.  Facebook has its virtues but I'm trying to ease back into a longer-form communication tool for communicating with you tools.  Yeah, I know, that was terrible.

I have no real agenda here yet, and as you can see the design is minimal, links non-existent, and so forth. I'm getting settled in.  I imagine that some sort of coherent "style" will emerge at some point.  In the mean time, feel free to offer suggestions.  

What would you like to see on here?   Talk of poetry?  Food?   Random daily effusions of mental effluvia?


I am off to make breakfast but will check in later.  

Breakfast:  coffee, potatoes with chorizo, warm tortillas, fruit.

Breakfast preparation soundtrack:  Senegalese pop music.

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