Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blogging on Request: American Idol, Rain

I'm a little slow out of the gates this year concerning American Idol.   I watched all the auditions last year because I, like a lot of bored Americans, was interested in 1) would Steven Tyler be amusing, 2) would Jennifer Lopez not act like a haughty [bad word], and 3) would Randy become the new "mean one."

Well, Steven was surprisingly aight, dawg.  J-Lo was shockingly not insufferable. Randy was pretty much the same as before but even less interesting.  Now ask me if I remember who won last year.  Ask me if I remember any of the contestants.

No season has managed to re-capture the Clarkson-Guarini magic that catapulted season 1 into our collective pop-culture consciousness, though I think I nursed a small crush on Eliot Yamin that one year and kept watching because I hated that guy who thought he was in Creed.  For the most part, though, Idol has not been must-see TV, especially not when I have the ID Channel and can see murder 24-7.  I did happen to catch a couple of auditions tonight though when Paula Zahn went to commercial.   There was a girl who sang while her sister did a yoga pose, a young Bieber wannabe, and a really horrible Mobile DJ / Wedding Singer who, despite her terrible voice, seemed to win over the judges.

Unless ninjas or orcs or impromptu cooking competitions are added to spice up this year's offering, I'll probably skip the rest of the auditions.


As for rain.

Growing up in a rainy clime, I'm a rainy guy accustomed to rain.  The rain of the past few days, though, has mostly just depressed me.  It's made my favorite hobby (walking around town looking vaguely like a schizophrenic bum) less enjoyable than usual, and well, just isn't doing anything interesting enough to get excited about.  When the trees start falling on houses up here, then we're talking.  So far, though, pretty quiet stuff.

In high school, I used to like to slide my cassette of the Cult's album LOVE into my Sony Walkman and run through town in the wee hours. There's a song on that tape called "Rain."  It's pretty good.

The rain also reminds me of The Cure.  Or maybe The Cure just reminds me of high school and winter generalities.  In any case, it sucks to get wet.

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