Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yesterday I began a post on literary bullying, jealousy, and taking responsibility for one's own failure.

I failed at writing it.

I posted a bit of my failure here then deleted it because it was clumsily written and didn't really say what I had intended to say when I set out to write it.


I called out names. People I didn't or don't like. Then I realize that what I think is honesty may be perceived as whining or arrogance, or whatever. I'm not really afraid of judgment, but after awhile, dealing with negativity can be a gigantic pain, and an even more gigantic and embarrassing pain when you realize that it was your own negativity that started it all.

Confused? I am. Just a little.


Pop music is better at this than I am.

"Pretty soon now, I will be bitter." (David Byrne)

"We hate it when our friends become successful." (Steven Morrissey)

"Today I was an evil one." (Will Oldham)

Yes, they're all middle-ageish white men. How surprising. And, of course, they're all successful.


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