Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Old New Sincerity

Over at HTML Giant, A D Jameson talks a bit about "The New Sincerity."

I like that he more or less correctly describes (if in very abbreviated form) the genesis of this short-lived poetry movement, and gives credit where credit is due.


I have been away for awhile but will hereafter endeavor to post more frequently even though I'm well aware that nobody is reading this blog.

The Buggles noted that video killed the radio star.   Well, as we all know, "social media" like Facebook and Twitter has killed the blogger.  Poetry blogger and oncologist C. Dale Young recently closed shop at his long-running blog and in doing so, lamented the disappearance of what was once a thriving blogging community, chiefly among poets.  I was a part of that for awhile.  Now everyone just uses Facebook or tweets or texts their friends.  

And alas, the center did not hold.


I'll stick around for awhile whether you like me or not.

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