Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Day of Hate -- Idiot Yelp! Reviewers

For  Day of Hate here on Horizon.Point, first up:  another reason to hate Yelp, or more specifically Yelpers.

From a review posted today:   (I'm paraphrasing so as not to uh, y'know, steal anyone's words away)

This Vietnamese Place has a lot of good things going for it:  friendly owners and staff, clean place, large and varied selection.
Now--about their pho.  I've eaten pho here a dozen times in the past and liked it.  But today I ordered my usual, beef w/tendon, and where was the beef?   I could only find two pieces of beef in my pho!   And I guess they were out of the Thai basil they usually put in because there was no Thai basil!  Why didn't they at least add extra cilantro?   One Star.
Here's a hint:  when you post a review to Yelp!  you are posting a general review of the business.  If you've only been there once, and it was bad, okay, I can understand the one star.  (Though, personally, I try to sample a place at least three times before reviewing it at all--if I do post a review after one visit, I make this clear in the review and take it into consideration when assigning stars.)   This customer, though, liked everything about the place--including the last 12 bowls of pho he ate.   So one bad experience out of at least 13 results in an extremely low rating?  That's rude.  You're an asshole.

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